2015 Palouse Basin Water Summit

Our Water Footprint

4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, October 1, 2015
Schweitzer Engineering Event Center
1825 Schweitzer Drive
Pullman, WA

Keynote speaker Stephen Leahy, author of
"Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts About How Much Water We Use to Make Everyday Products"

  • Appetizers & no host bar
  • Annual Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee water usage report
  • Raffle for low-flow toilet and individual xeriscaping plan
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Stephen Leahy

Stephen is an experienced communicator, award-winning journalist and author of the critcally-acclaimed book Your Water Footprint.

In the midst of a successful corporate career Stephen changed direction to pursue his twin passions for writing and the environment. He has written more than 2000 articles on science and environmental topics around the world for National Geographic, New Scientist, The London Sunday Times, The Guardian, Vice Magazine, Al Jazeera, Maclean’s Magazine, Earth Island Journal, DeSmog Canada, The Toronto Star, Wired News, China Dialogue, Mo Magazine (Europe), TerraGreen (India), and Common Dreams.

In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Prince Albert/United Nations Global Prize for Climate Change and Environment Reporting.

In late 2014 Stephens first book was published: Your Water Footprint: The Shocking Facts Behind Our Thirst for Earth’s Most Precious Resource. Reviewers have called the book "brilliant and shocking" and "exceptionally lucid."

Stephen has given talks at conferences, symposiums, university seminars, schools and other events in many countries.

Your Water Footprint

New book investigates the enormous amounts of 'hidden' water we consume every day

2015 Winner, Green Book Festival

It takes more than 2,000 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans. That morning cup of coffee required 37 gallons of water before it found its way to your table – water that was used to grow, process and ship the coffee beans. When we spend money on food, clothes, cellphones or even electricity, we are buying water – a shockingly large amount of water.

Your Water Footprint reveals how water is essential to our way of life in ways we never imagined. While water usage continues to soar, shortages now affect more than 3 billion people including millions of Americans and Canadians. A decade from now 3 out of 5 people will face water shortages.

Your Water Footprint provides essential information to reduce your water use which will help you save money, be prepared for shortages and ensure our children and grandchildren will have abundant fresh water. Water-wise choices is all about smart substitutions and changes, rather than sacrifice and self-denial.

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