Palouse Basin Water Summit workgroups

  • Can land use be categorized by effects on the hydrologic cycle?
  • Is dry-land farming the future on the Palouse?
  • Should elements of municipal water conservation ordinances be implemented in areas of city impact and/or beyond?
  • Need to work with area farmers to find ways to increase aquifer recharge
  • How will different land use practices increase/decrease the recharge?
  • How will different land use practices increase potential pollution of aquifers?
  • How can we encourage urban (commercial), residential, industrial, and municipal water conservation, and protect water quality?
  • Concerned about sustainable economic (retail) growth
  • How do we develop/maintain our parks considering water use and the need for community green space?
  • How do we balance home green space and community/public green space?
  • Our water supply is unknown but diminishing. Is it wise to continue to promote growth?
  • Land use management and water use are not separate issues. Must encourage conservation, xeriscaping etc. (proposition 2 in Idaho)
  • Differing "Bioregional" area within existing political boundaries create inequity in face of county-wide regulation
  • Surface aquifer issues vs. water mining and "deep block" supply cross rural/urban issues
2006 Palouse Water Summit
Flip Chart Notes from the Individual Work Group Sessions
Recorded on 10/03/06