Palouse Basin Water Summit workgroups

  • Establishing a public funding plan and regional water authority to manage water
  • Speculate on implications of passing Washington initiative 933 and/or Idaho Proposition 2, both dealing with regulatory takings issues
  • Can water be successfully managed with dissimilar values about conservation? What might motivate the community?
  • What will be the likely projection of water needs for the Palouse Basin over the next 20 years under various scenarios (urban and rural land use)?
  • How best should we fund the solution set needed to meet Palouse Basin water needs?
  • This is the key to the solutions
  • Need to organize a system for working groups to work within the next 12 months (administration, support facilities, facilitation etc.)
  • Are inter-state compacts practical? Legal? Sustainable?
  • What will it take to set up a Palouse Basin water supply district across the state line? Can we assess all residents in this district an annual fee for ensuring the water supply?
  • Need to develop/revise interstate working agreements
  • Establishing a cooperative tax base and solid legal agreements for this 2 state region
  • Regional leadership (political) forum/organization needed, initiated by counties, multi-jurisdictional
  • Outline legally defensible water resource decision-making process under uncertainty
  • How can we decide when resource conditions are uncertain or information is contradictory?
(This revised list was generated after the Organization & Coordinated Water Management Work Group combined with the Policy/Legal Work Group.)
  • Review regional funding plan
  • Network and support the working groups
  • Coordinate 2007 water summit
  • Review decision making process guidelines for all groups to address uncertainty, conflicting values, rural/urban conflicts, legal defensibility
  • "One stop shopping", virtual watershed basin website
2006 Palouse Water Summit
Flip Chart Notes from the Individual Work Group Sessions
Recorded on 10/03/06