Palouse Basin Water Summit workgroups

  • What are the physical constraints of our water resources system given its current state of development?
  • Given that the Wanapum and Grande Ronde Aquifers underlie Moscow, but point immediately west, including Pullman and WSU, rely exclusively on the Grande Ronde, what is the future for groundwater recharge on the Palouse?
  • How scary is injection vs. enhanced passive recharge? Shallow aquifer vs. deep?
  • Research surface storage vs. recharge
  • What are the losses from the Palouse Basin?
  • What is the slope of the water tables in the various aquifers?
  • How much water is left in the aquifer systems?
  • How much recharge is each aquifer system receiving each year?
  • Where is the aquifer recharge taking place?
  • Need to establish a water budget for Palouse
  • Need to consider evaporation losses in surface recharge and/or surface water impoundment
  • Update the date logger monitoring systems in municipal wells
  • Need to summarize and analyze past research on water research in the basin. A lot has been done, but hasn't been tied together. Should be a focus of WSU, UI and PBAC
  • Develop "consensus" state of the Basin report to summarize research findings
2006 Palouse Water Summit
Flip Chart Notes from the Individual Work Group Sessions
Recorded on 10/03/06