Palouse Basin Water Summit workgroups

  • Getting regional buy-in to a major sustainable water project
  • Defining an area that can be acquired with federal help and set aside as a regional water resource (reservoir)
  • Gaining federal support for engineering/construction , money for a large project
  • Defining pipeline route to convey sustainable water resource to the Palouse
  • Should basin constituents begin acquiring land for a reservoir now? If practical, what is the time frame?
  • How do we prevent water wars?
  • What is the total supply of precipitation to the Palouse?
  • What are the options for capturing and making some of this extra water available? What are the associated costs?
  • What is the ranking of options for enhancing the water supply?
  • Identification and acquisition of land for reservoirs to the East for a sustainable water resource
  • Human safety must be paramount! Recharging surface water into the deep aquifers with ancient, very high quality water present is risky and must be considered only with extreme caution. Must also consider downstream needs
  • Build more water storage facilities
  • Role of water balance in development
  • Location, ASR, Reservoirs, pipelines, water exchange, direct use of S.W., conservation, water reuse, combinations, drilling more wells - non critical areas
  • Audience: everyone, local decision makers
  • Chair- Fritz, Vice Chair- Aaron
  • Economic needs, rank alternatives, conceptual
  • Target- How much water?
  • Water limits growth projections for cities and counties.
  • Economics crisis location- time availability vs. demands
  • Uncertainty- natural global climate change
2006 Palouse Water Summit
Flip Chart Notes from the Individual Work Group Sessions
Recorded on 10/03/06